January 5, 2005
3:00 p.m. MST

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Susan Escalante
Phone: 801-957-5430 office
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Daily Dose Foundation Launched "Empowering
through Education"

Sandy, UT - Daily Dose Learning Systems, Inc., a Utah-based provider of job-specific English programs for the workplace, has announced the creation of a separate and independent non-profit organization to be named the Daily Dose Foundation. The Foundation will focus on ensuring that underprivileged children around the world receive an opportunity for basic education and to eventually become self-sufficient.   Major areas of emphasis will include building schools in third world countries and providing better access to existing educational institutions.

The vision of the Foundation is to significantly "increase the literacy rate among less-fortunate communities in developing countries," and its goal is to "empower less-fortunate individuals by helping them escape a lack of education." For instance, the literacy rate in rural Mali (Africa) is 26%, compared to the United States at 99%.     The monthly cost of tuition in the cities of Mali is only $4.00 (U.S. dollars) per child ($1.00 per month for rural areas), but this is quite high when one considers the fact that the average individual income is only $290 per year.  

To achieve this goal, the Daily Dose Foundation is committing its effort and resources in five areas:   1) Providing educational programs to underdeveloped communities; 2) Strengthening and improving existing, yet under-funded educational institutions; 3) Improving access to existing educational infrastructures; 4) Offering innovative educational programs that strengthen educational effectiveness; and 5) Donating necessary resources for individuals to benefit from such programs. The aim of the Foundation is to utilize local talent and skills and only add what is needed to make education a reality for the community.  

N. Yeah Samaké, a former English teacher from Mali, West Africa has been named the Executive Director of the Foundation. Mr. Samaké grew up in Ouéléssébougou, Mali.   As he says, "I have known the pain of going to bed on an empty stomach, shivering from the fever of malaria, and walking barefoot in the Sahara Desert. Yet, unlike a larger majority of children who grow under these same circumstances, I was given the exceptional opportunity to go to school in my own village where literacy rates were less than 15% of the adult population."   After completing his bachelor's degree in English as a Second Language in his home country, Yeah moved to Provo, Utah to complete a master's degree in public policy at Brigham Young University.  Yeah's experience in International Development, coupled with his background as a school teacher and linguistic and cultural guide for the Peace Corps, will be an asset in managing the programs of the Daily Dose Foundation.

The Daily Dose Foundation launched its first project in Guatemala. On December 20, 2004 Michael Escalante traveled to Teculután, Guatemala to meet with local officials to establish ways the Foundation can ensure educational opportunities for children in under-served areas. Escalante met with the Mayor of Teculután and formed a committee of parents in the community to coordinate the project.  

The next project will be conducted in N'tentou, a village in Mali, home of Soumaila Samaké, a former NBA player (Denver Nuggets and LA Lakers). Soumaila grew up in Mali and was not fortunate to receive a high school degree.   He now wants to help build schools for children back home.   The Daily Dose Foundation will provide funds and work with the local community, who will provide the labor to build a school for the children in Soumaila's home village.  

The Board of Directors for the Daily Dose Foundation has been established and is still accepting nominations.   Generous donations have been received and are still being solicited. Grant proposals are being prepared.

The Daily Dose Foundation is being housed by Daily Dose Learning Systems, Inc. at 9690 South 300 West, Sandy, Utah 84070 until it establishes all of the groundwork necessary to be independent.  

Information about the Daily Dose Foundation can be obtained by calling Mr. Yeah Samak é at (801) 957-5442.

About the Daily Dose Foundation

The Daily Dose Foundation is a non-profit organization established to provide better access to education for millions of children around the world.   Our goal is to increase significantly the literacy rate among individuals and communities in underdeveloped nations.

Daily Dose Foundation

The Story of the Beginning

Daily Dose Learning Systems, Inc. was slated to launch a foundation in 2007 to improve the educational opportunities of underprivileged children throughout the world, with an emphasis in Africa. The launch time was set for fiscal year 2007, long after the company was well-established as a standard in the training industry. That was the plan until October of 2004 when Niankoro Yeah Samaké, a highly educated young man from Mali, West Africa replied to a classified ad for a position with Daily Dose Learning Systems, Inc.  

Yeah (pronounced "yea" as in "yea, team, go!") responded to the ad because he said he had read the website and wanted to work for a company that helps people like Daily Dose does.  When he walked into the office of Adrian Escalante for an interview, an awe-inspiring connection occurred.  

Yeah had always had a dream to help children from his home country and others in the world that have not had the great blessing that he had received in getting an education.  

Ever since the age of 4, Adrian had always had a dream to provide food and an education for underprivileged children in the world.   He had built that expectation into his company's plan for 2007. Now, in a small town in Utah, the two had been brought together to make this shared dream a reality even though they had never met before and were born on different continents in different decades. Yeah was born in Africa.   Adrian was born in Argentina. Both of them, through no idea of their own, have ended up in The United States.

On that Friday, Mr. Escalante was so impressed with Mr. Samaké; he hired Samaké on the spot for the position that he had applied for. But, over the weekend, Escalante could not quit thinking about the unlikely coincidence that they would meet. So, by Monday morning when Yeah showed up for work, Adrian reassigned him to work full time for the Foundation.  

Adrian had been thinking all weekend that there are indigent people now who need help. Why wait for two more years to start the foundation? So, he offered Yeah the position of Executive Director for a foundation which would begin as soon as Yeah could prepare all the necessary paperwork to establish it. Both men were astonished at the serendipitous meeting. Both men felt strongly about moving forward with this plan.

Within a couple of months, Samaké had the by-laws, the board of directors, the necessary tax and business papers completed. The Daily Dose Foundation was born and publicly announced in the Company's Christmas Banquet on December 18, 2004.

The Board of Directors has met and determined that the Foundation will exist to empower others through education.   Generous donations have been received and more are being solicited. Grants are being written. The Foundation, with its wobbly knees like a newborn colt, is gaining strength and momentum quickly to soon ride deftly as a stallion in the cause of education.

An unexpected meeting of two strong-willed and determined men: Adrian R. Escalante from Argentina and N. Yeah Samaké from Mali, each with a life-long dream to serve their fellow citizen, have begun the fruition of their dream to bring to pass many blessings for children who will now become educated.

For more information about the Daily Dose Foundation, call Mr. Yeah Samaké, Executive Director, at (801) 957-5442.